April 2, 2024

I have known Al Jones for over 30 years and he is as honorable a man as you could ask for. I know his character and his values, but that is not why I choose to use Al Jones Insurance as my automobile and home owner insurance agency. I use Al as my insurance agent because he gets me the best value on my coverage. He has a multitude of carriers he can recommend and he has always gotten me matched with an insurer that provides the services I need at a cost I can afford. If I have problems, Al gets me the answers I need in a timely fashion. If I have questions about my policies I don’t completely understand, he takes the time to explain and clarify any misconceptions I may have. I have no doubt that when a potential or existing customer contacts Al they are going to get the service, attention to detail and results we have all come to expect from our insurance agent.

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